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Kleine Language ServicesKleine Language Services is a website where you can get accurate trans­lations for your tech­nical and scientific documents. I have been engaged in this work for about thirty years now, to my customers' complete satisfaction, and I would be happy to wel­come you as a new client to whom I can offer com­petence at a good price.

My special expertise is in medicine, pharma­ceutics, tech­nology, and science. I am, of course, also ready to help you in other fields or with routine business correspondence. And since absolute secrecy has always been one of my premier business principles, your data will be com­pletely safe in my care.

In addition to translations from German into English and vice versa, I can also provide trans­lations into English from the following languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Swedish, and Polish.

Benefit from my lean business organization, which translates into advan­tageous prices. Depending on the nature of your text (A: non-technical correspondence; B: technical text with standard require­ments; C: technical text with extraordinary require­ments) and its length (up to 20 pages, more than 20 pages, more than 50 pages), the price per line (55 characters) of translated text is within a very moderate range: from € 0.75 to € 1.20 only (c. 8.5 to 16 cents per word). Please find the details here.

I will be grateful for whatever inquiries or suggestions you may wish to enter here.

If you want to place an order, please click here. The translation will be delivered to you either in hardcopy by regular mail or as an e-mail attachment in accordance with your instructions to me.


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