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Genealogical Research

Family research provides many interesting insights, but it is not rare that disillusionment follows a hopeful beginning: Seemingly precise dates prove to be clearly wrong, persons dissolve into thin air because the spelling of names changed over the years or from one priest to the other, etc. This adds to unfamiliar scripts and the necessity to read not only Latin, but also French (especially in the Rhenish region of Germany) – let alone that some command of other languages is quite desirable in all the many cases where families have spread over more than one country.

Research into my own family’s genealogy had me develop efficient strategies to find ancestors. A great asset in this context is my being a professional translatortranslator, which enables me to understand and evaluate parish registers and documents without intermediaries, whether they are written in Latin or various modern languages.

If you have encountered script- or language-related issues during your research or are simply interested in speeding up things, I will be glad to help you. I accept orders for searches in the archives of Duisburg and other archives in the lower Rhineland and Eifel region; as to archives in other regions, please feel free to ask me.

To allow you constant cost control, I offer you a primarily success-based price structure with charges depending mostly on the number of documents delivered as copies or photos. Other work – e.g. data entry or transcriptions – is calculated by time rates, whereas translations are charged with the usual prices per line, differentiated by legibility and complexity of the document.

If my offer has aroused your interest, I am looking forward to receiving your inquiry, for which I thank you in advance.